About our border collies

What’s the fun in having all these border collies if you don’t do anything with them? Here on the farm we herd on a regular basis and have a monthly herding clinic. We travel quite a bit to show including herding trials, conformation and obedience shows, and the occasional disc dog event. While we do not compete in agility ourselves, several of our offspring are doing quite well in agility.

Border Collie Obedience — shows how well the Border Collie can learn to work with us and our cues and take direction.
Border Collie Herding — shows the natural instinct and ability of the Border Collie. This is what they were bred to do!
Border Collie Conformation — shows their structure, movement and natural beauty.

A good Border Collie should be of sound temperament, body and be able to do it all. That is what we strive for when we breed or buy a Border Collie.

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Welcome to Uherdit Border Collies!
My name is Debbie Willoughby and border collies are my passion. Our farm is located in a small town in southern Indiana on 16 acres of border collie paradise. I have been training and showing dogs for the past 16 years. While I started with Great Pyrenees I always had in interest in border collies, but knew that as a professional horse trainer I did not have the time to commit to them. After showing dogs for a few years I realized I wanted to commit my life to my dogs and so Uherdit began.
My first border collie, Scotty was ready to do it all, and he loved it to work. Unfortunately, at just one year of age, we discovered that he had sever hip displaysia and several other health issues. Because of my experience with Scotty, I am dedicated to doing everything I can to ensure any puppy I breed will stand the test of time. All of my dogs have to pass all of their health testing, as well as have the instinct to herd. Their instinct to herd is what gives them the drive and work ethic to do every thing else that border collies are so well known for.

About our breeding program

I would like to take a minute to discuss the importance of a sound breeding program. Here at Uherdit Border Collies each of our dogs must meet our high standards of sound structure, herding instinct, and sound temperaments. Each of our dogs and bitches have had their hip x-rays submitted to OFA and or PennHip for evaluation. Their eyes are cleared via either CERF or CEA/DNA through Optigen. Most importantly each of them is thoroughly evaluated on their conformation. We believe that it is important to know each dogs strengths and faults so that breedings can be planned to produce puppies of exceptional quality. Color is always a secondary factor in planning our litters.

Despre Irina, noua noastra colega de la Laguna Studio

Recent, a venit sa lucreze cu noi Irina, o fata slabuta, ganditoare, cu niste ochi mari albastri.
Povestea ei este una mai neobisnuita. Desi virgina, a luat hotararea sa inceapa sa lucreze in videochat pentru ca la toamna vrea sa urmeze cursurile de la o facultate in Belgia. Cum taxele si costul vietii e mult mai mare ca in Romania, desi a fost admisa la facultate, parintii ei i-au spus ca nu o pot sustine financiar. Asa ca … iata ca a venit la noi la Laguna Studio videochat Bucuresti, singurul studio de videochat unde sunt primite si virginele 🙂
Am primit-o cu bratele deschise si dupa cateva saptamani de training a inceput sa castige mai bine de 100$/zi. Suntem abia in luna mai si cred ca isi da si ea seama ca chiar a luat cea mai buna decizie de a veni la un studio de videochat pentru ca aici isi poate economisi pana in octombrie cei 10.000€ de care are nevoie in Belgia.
Pentru a te angaja in videochat singurul si cel mai important lucru este sa stii bine limba engleza. Cum Irina va urma in Belgia cursuri in limba engleza, pentru ea este floare la ureche sa vorbeasca cu americanii, povestindu-le ce va face ea la Bruxelles si alte povestioare nostime pe care le spune membrilor sai. Si nu are putini, credeti-ma, sunt foarte multi membri care o apreciaza pentru naturaletea ei, pentru timiditatea ei , pentru ca se inroseste de fiecare data cand o intreaba membrii daca si-a inceput viata sexuala ..
O poveste de succes zic eu… voi ce parere aveti ?
Dati-ne un telefon la 0729.296.166 sau 0761.261.101 – Laguna Studio va asteapta si pe voi !